Valentina was born in Italy (1979). Her passion for travelling and photographing started at young age when, only a child, her mother took her around the world to discover uncontaminated places and ancient cultures, most of all to get in contact with the wild beauty of the Ocean.

When she was ready to travel on her own, she took her bag, her camera and her enthusiasm and started her journey through Australia (which later became her home), Papua New Guinea where she was video assistant of an accomplished underwater videographer, South East Asia and Fiji working as an on-board photographer on a luxury adventure cruise (

She explored lands and oceans, making of her passion her profession, becoming an experienced diver (with more than 2000 dives) and a self-trained skilled underwater photographer. Working on various dive vessels and dive companies based on some of the most spectacular islands of the globe, gave her the chance to capture thousands of images above and below the surface.

The camera became her eyes and her medium to share with people what riches lie underneath the ocean, from the largest to the tiniest living things.

Her commitment to the Ocean evolved into offering her contribute towards the marine life conservation. While in Malaysia, she started a volunteering program for the turtle nesting protection. Her efforts to build awareness in the local community, by engaging them in participating to monitor the nests, increased the hatchings chance of survival.

During the past few years she worked as an on-board photographer on a whale-shark vessel on Ningaloo reef (west coast of Australia), collaborating with DEC (Department of Environment and Conservation - and Ecocean (, offering her photographic contribute for the research and protection of the whale sharks.

She also participated to several renowned underwater photo exhibitions in Italy and Australia.

Beside the Ocean, her photographic interest extends to the wildlife, to human features and expressions, to abstractions and shapes.

Using high quality underwater equipment, she offers her service and skills to dive companies, luxury cruises and resorts of famous tourist destinations, rising their professional profile.

She keeps on working to extend her portfolio while travelling through amazing destinations, and to help to bring awareness for the conservation on the natural world.